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The talks at GLOW 37 can be followed through live streaming.

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  • During the questions/discussion, video will be streamed, but audio will not be available.
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Streaming Schedule

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
9.15-10.00   Elena Guerzoni (University of Southern California) and Yael Sharvit (UCLA)
NPIs in Questions, Disjunction and Ellipsis
10.15-11.00   Aida Talić (University of Connecticut)
Upward P-cliticization, accent shift, and extraction out of PP
13.45-14.30   Željko Bošković (University of Connecticut)
From the Complex NP Constraint to Everything
14.45-15.30   Hans van de Koot (UCL), Renita Silva (UCL), Claudia Felser (University of Potsdam) and Mikako Sato (UCL)
Dutch A-Scrambling Is Not Movement: Evidence from Antecedent Priming
16.00-16.45   Coppe van Urk (MIT)
On the relation of C and T, A’-movement, and “marked nominative” in Dinka
17.00-17.45   Isabelle Charnavel (Harvard University) and Victoria Mateu (UCLA)
Antilogophoricity in Clitic Clusters
18.15-19.00   Haoze Li (The Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Jess Law (Rutgers University)
Focus intervention effects and the quantificational domain of focus operators
Thursday, April 3d, 2014
9.15-10.00   Tue Trinh (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee)
On the Evidence Condition of Yes/No Questions in English
10.15-11.00   Martina Wiltschko (UBC) and Elizabeth Ritter (Ben Gurion University)
Animating the Narrow Syntax
13.45-14.30   Arantzazu Elordieta (University of the Basque Country) and Bill Haddican (Queens College-CUNY)
Truncation feeds intervention: Two clause type effects in Basque
14.45-15.30   Eric Lander (Ghent University)
Intraparadigmatic cyclic and roll-up derivations in the Old Norse reinforced demonstrative
16.00-16.45   Maria Polinsky, Gregory Scontras and Zuzanna Fuchs (Harvard University)
The Differential Representation of Number and Gender in Spanish
17.00-17.45   Bill Haddican (Queens College-CUNY), Anders Holmberg (Newcastle University) and Nanna Haug Hilton (University of Groningen)
Stay in shape!
Friday, April 4th, 2014
9.15-10.00   Yangsook Park (UMass Amherst)
Indexicals and the long-distance reflexive caki in Korean
10.15-11.00   Yohei Oseki (NYU)
Bare Adjunction as “Two-Peaked” Structure
11.30-12.15   Ewan Dunbar (Laboratoire de Sciences Cognitives et Psycholinguistique ENS / EHESS / CNRS)
Cyclic opacity facilitates phonological interpretation
14.00-14.45   Thomas McFadden (ZAS Berlin)
Why nominative is special: stem-allomorphy and case structures
15.00-15.45   Doreen Georgi (University of Leipzig)
Opaque reflexes of cyclic movement: Ordering final vs. intermediate steps
16.15-17.00   Jutta Hartmann (Tübingen University) and Caroline Heycock (Edinburgh University)
Agreement in Copula Clauses: Evidence for a dual mechanism of Agreement
17.15-18.00   Karen Lahousse (KU Leuven)
Low sentence structure in French