Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will the GLOW Spring School take place?
At the same venue as the GLOW Main Colloquium – more information.

Q: Is it necessary for the authors of abstracts to be members of GLOW?
A: No abstract will be rejected because its authors are not GLOW members. However, presenters at the GLOW conference or a GLOW workshop should be GLOW members. You will be able to register as a GLOW member at the conference registration desk.

Q: Can one author submit 2 abstracts (i.e. 1 single and 1 joint) to the main colloquium and 2 abstracts (i.e. 1 single and 1 joint) to each of the workshops?
A: Yes, the two workshops and the main colloquium are considered three different conferences. This means that in principle, it is possible for one author to present up to six times (given that there are two workshops and one main conference.) It is not allowed, however, to submit the same abstract to both the main conference and a workshop.

Q: Can someone participate in the GLOW Spring School (GSS1) without participating in the main colloquium (or workshops)?
A: One is absolutely welcome to attend the school even if one does not attend the conference or the workshops.

Q: Who can attend the GLOW Spring School (GSS1)?
A: Everyone who has registered can attend the GLOW Spring School (GSS1).

Q: Who can apply for a grant for the GLOW Spring School (GSS1)?
A: Anyone who is a student (at any level) at the moment the school takes place can apply for a grant.

Q: Do the participants of the GLOW Spring School (GSS1) receive any certificates?
A: GLOW will issue certificates of attendance for the school.